About NGD

Nsengiyumva Global Development Foundation (also referred to as: NGD, NGD For All, NGD Foundation) is a non-governmental organisation, founded on August 8th, 2008 by John-Clinton Nsengiyumva. 

The roots of foundation go way back in 2005 when John-Clinton, still a University Student in Burundi, started a community outreach ministries, "Christian Youth Union Ministries", that mainly focused on evangelical and humanitarian outreaches. Then, early 2008 in Canada, John-Clinton's Christian Youth Union Ministries gave birth to "Bene Data Union", a tuition support fund for providing financial assistance to students from families with low income in Burundi. In the same year in 2008, John-Clinton founded the NGD Foundation so as to bring together all of his humanitarian and outreach ministries and cover more fields as needs kept on expanding.
NGD Main Objectives:
- Support and Promote Sports.
- Empower People through Media.
- Provide Health Care Assistance.
- Support and Provide Education Services.
- Advocate for a safe world and bright future.
- Participate in humanitarian works.

NGD Main Fields Of Service:
- Health.
- Education.
- Sports.
- Media.
- Peace.
- Nutrition. 

Organisational Structure:
1. General Meeting (Assemblée Générale);
2. Board of the Foundation (Conseil de Fondation);
3. Internal Audit Body (Cellule de Controle Interne);
4. Management Board (Comité de Gestion);
5. Auditor (Commissaire aux Comptes).
Some Achievements:
- Launch of a Radio Station, "Radio Magara Times FM", broadcasting from Magara on 92.00 Mhz.
- Launch of an Athletics Academy, "Star Athletics Academy", now comprising 3 athletics training centres. 
- In 2014: Launch of a Basketball Academy, "Star Basketball Academy" comprising 3 basketball training centres.
- In 2014: Creation of a Newspaper, Journal Magara Times, based in Mukaza Commune of Bujumbura Mairie.
- In 2014: Launch of a Football Academy, "Star Football Academy", now operating 13 soccer training centres.
- In 2013: Launch of Yearly Donations of School Materials to Students in Burundi.
- In 2009: Launch of Financial Support to Gospel Choirs in areas of Uniforms and Music Recording fees.
- In 2008-2010: University Students Financial Support (Program known as Bene Data Union) in Bujumbura, Burundi.
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NGD 4 All,
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