About NGD

Nsengiyumva Global Development Foundation (also referred to as: NGD, NGD 4 All, NGD Foundation) is a non-governmental organization, founded on August 8th, 2008 by John-Clinton Nsengiyumva. The roots of foundation go way back in 2005 when John-Clinton, still a University Student in Burundi, started a non-for-profit organization that he named "Christian Youth Union Ministries", that mainly focused on evangelical and humanitarian outreaches. Then, early 2008 in Canada, John-Clinton's ministries gave birth to "Bene Data Union", a tuition support fund for providing financial assistance to students from families with low income in Burundi. In the same year in 2008, John-Clinton founded the NGD Foundation so as to bring together all of his humanitarian and outreach operations and cover more fields as needs kept on expanding.

NGD Foundation's by-laws were notarized by the Bujumbura Notary Office on March 13, 2012 under Notary Act # M/755/2012. Then, they were modified on Mars 31, 2013, by the founder in order to comply with Burundi laws for NGOs, and got notarized again by the same Bujumbura Notary Office on August 21, 2014 under Notary Act # M/2728/2014

On October 7, 2016, about 8 years since the NGD Foundation was founded, NGD was registered by the Burundian Ministry of Justice under O.M. No. 550/1850 as a Foundation, which falls under the category of NGOs, charitable entities, hence providing the foundation the opportunity to also operate as a charity and a not for profit organization.

On December 7, 2016, the NGD Foundation's Fiscal Registration Certificate was issued by the OBR "Office Burundais des Recettes". The foundation's N.I.F. is: 4000769739. For Tax Purposes in Burundi, the NGD Foundation is categorized under Not-for-Profit Organization class.

The NGD Foundation (NGD 4 All) has as main goals to respond to needs of local communities in Education, Health Care, Sports, Media, Advocacy, and Social-Economic Development.

Who We Are: We are a not-profit, non-governmental organization, founded to help make this world a better place.
Our Vision: The organization looks forward to participate in building safer, stronger, and healthier communities.
Our Mission: We strive to build a world where it is safer and better for all to live in peace and prosperity.

NGD Main Objectives:
- Support and Promote Sports.
- Empower People through Media.
- Provide Health Care Assistance.
- Support and Provide Education Services.
- Advocate for a safe world and bright future.
- Participate in humanitarian works.

NGD Main Fields Of Service:
- Health
- Education
- Sports
- Media
- Advocacy 

Some of Achievements:
- In 2015: Creation of a Football Team, Minago Star FC, based in Rumonge Commune of Rumonge Province.
- In 2015: Creation of a Football Team, Gitaza Star FC, based in Muhuta Commune of Rumonge Province.
More Achievements:
- In 2015: Creation of a Football Team, Rutunga Star FC, base in Muhuta Commune of Rumonge Province.
- In 2014: Creation of a Basketball Team, Magara Raptors BC, based in Bugarama Commune of Rumonge Province.
- In 2014: Creation of a Newspaper, Journal Magara Times, based in Mukaza Commune of Bujumbura Mairie.
- In 2014: Creation of a Soccer Team, Magara Star FC, based in Bugarama Commune of Rumonge Province.
- In 2013: Elementary School Materials Donation to Students in the Bugarama Disctrict, Burundi.
- In 2009: Financial Support to Gospel Choir of Magara for the Band Uniforms and Music Recording fees in Bujumbura, Burundi.
- In 2008 - 2010: University Students Financial Support (Program known as Bene Data Union) in Bujumbura, Burundi.
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