Hello, meet John-Clinton NSENGIYUMVA
Nsengiyumva, John-Clinton.
John-Clinon Nsengiyumva is a Burundian Canadian published author and equal rights advocate who founded the NGD Foundation, a philanthropic non-for-profit organization registered in the Republic of Burundi.

John-Clinton started this not-profit organization in 2008 as a fund for education support. With time, the education fund expanded to become a NGO that serves in Sports, Health, Education, Media, and Advocacy. In 2016, the Nsengiyumva Global Development Foundation was registered as a non-profit organization in Burundi by the Ministry of Justice.

From 2014 to present, Mr. Nsengiyumva has founded 4 soccer professional clubs, 1 basketball club, and a Running Club in Burundi. In a country that has known a civil war for more than a decade, these sports teams are socially changing lives of young men and girls, providing them with opportunities to develop their sports talents and making available social venues for communities to strengthen peace.

As a published author, John-Clinton has 4 titles in bookstores and continues to do the work he loves of writing to share, inform, and educate.

Mr. Nsengiyumva is also an active advocate for equal rights and commits himself to philanthropic projects, impacting communities around the world.