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Magara Community Library

The Magara Community Liberay is an education advancement program of the Nsengiyumva Global Developement Foundation to be based in Magara that aims to provide a space for learning to local youths and help them earn new skills for a brighter future.

1. Project Particulars:
- Proposed Initial Budget: 65,000,000 BIF ($35,445 USD).
- Annual Running Cost: 14.752.000 BIF ($8,050 USD).
- Expected to Serve About 120,000+ Persons per year.
- Proposed Activities:
a). Access to books in the Library;
b). After school support programs;
c). Internet Access in the Library;
d). English as Second Language (ESL) Lessons;
e). French as Second Language (FSL) Lessons;
f). Chinese as Second Language (CSL) Lessons;
g). Arabic as Second Language (ASL) Lessons;
h). Spanish as Second Language (SSL) Lessons;
i). Adult Basic Learning Program;
j). Basic Accounting for Small Business Owners Program.

2. Contact of the Library:
P.O. Box: 3262, Bujumbura, Burundi.
Instagram: @LibraryOfMagara
Facebook: @LibraryOfMagara
Twitter: @LibraryOfMagara
Phone: +257-71-499466
Fax: +257-61-499466

3. Donate to the Project:
- By Interact Email Transfet in Canada.
- By EcoCash Transfer: 76499466 in Burundi.