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Magara Times TV

Magara Times Television.

A Community Television Station project, the Magara Times Television, also referred to as "Magara Times TV" or "MTT", is a that aims at developing and strengthening local talents in the Rural parts of Burundi and the Lake Tanganyika coastal region so as to contribute in creating jobs for youths, ending juvenile delinquency, and participating in peace building on national and regional level.

The Magara Times TV, to be based in Magara, is to focus, amongst other programs for the community, on identifying local artists with proven abilities, providing them with opportunities to develop their talents, grow artistically on a professional level, and promoting their works globally.

Television Project by:
Magara Times Media
NGD Media Department

C/O: NGD Foundation
BP: 3262, Bujumbura, Burundi.
4ème Avenue, RN3, Magara II, Zone Magara, 
Commune Bugarama, Rumonge, Burundi.

Tel. (Office) number: (+257) 61 - 48 84 66.
Fax (Office) number: (+257) 71 - 64 54 34.