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Jeunesse FC vs. Lion Gate FC on Aug 16, 2015

posted Aug 16, 2015, 1:12 PM by NGD 4 All   [ updated Aug 21, 2015, 5:37 PM ]
Today played an 8th match in this NGD Foundation Cup 2015 Edition taking place at Magara Football Field. 

Lion Gate FC (players in white and green jersey on photos below)  met with Jeunesse FC (players in red and black jersey on photos below) at Magara Football Field from 15h 00 local time. 

The first goal of this match was scored at the 11th minute of the game by Kabido Hatungimana of Lion Gate FC player. The first and only goal for Jeunesse FC was scored at the 38th minute by Didier Salou of Lion Gate FC, who mistakenly scored against his own team. Three other goals of this match were scored by Ozil Ndayikeza of Lion Gate FC against Jeunesse FC respectively at the 39th minute, the 64th minute, and last at the 74th minute.

The match of August 16, 2015 ended with a Score of: Jeunesse FC 1 - 4 Lion Gate FC FC.

Please note that 8 teams have signed up for this year's very first championship organized by the NGD Foundation in Magara, Rumonge Province. The teams will be playing in two groups. Then, qualifying teams will move to the second level towards to finals of the championship.

 Jeunesse FC players posing for a photo before the beginning of the match.

Lion Gate FC players posing for a photo before the beginning of the match.