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NGD Star Sports Department
The NGD Star Sports Department of Nsengiyumva Global Development Foundation (also known as "NGD Sports" or "NGD Star Sports") was created on March 15, 2014 in Magara. The Sports Department currently oversees 18 sports clubs in 12 localities in Burundi. The clubs are run through 3 Academies which provide training in Soccer, Athletics, and Basketball. There is an Executive Committee for each Club, made of: a President, a Vice President, and an Executive Secretary.

These sports academies, namely: Star Football AcademyStar Athletics Academy, and Star Basketball Academy, act like sports technical bodies of the Foundation. Each academy is under a leadership of a "Directeur Technique", assisted by an "Encadreur Sportif". They both report to the Coordinator of the Department of Sports and they lead all Coaches of local clubs of the Foundation.

The qualitative word "STAR" in the name of clubs and academies represents "hope light" and "bright future" for young boys and girls in a post-conflict era of Burundi.

This Department also organises, on annual basis, soccer tournaments (named "NGD U17 Cup" and for the Youth Under 17 Years of Age) in which even non-members clubs are invited as well to partake in the competition for a Prize and hence provide these young girls and boys another reason to cheer up!

This department is led by a Coordinator, assisted by a Secretary. They both report to the Executive Director of the Foundation.

Star Football Academy
SFA Burundi.


Star Athletics Academy
SAA Burundi.

Star Basketball Academy
SBA Burundi.

NGD Foundation Soccer Cup
NGD U17 Cup

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