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NGD Foundation Cup

Official Cup Name: NGD Foundation’s Cup 
Place: Magara Football Field, Bugarama, Rumonge 
Organizers: NGD Star Sports (Department of  NGD Foundation) 

This Edition 2015 NGD Cup tournament is having Eight (8) local teams, in Bugarama Commune of Rumonge Province, Burundi, competing for a cup and other prizes. First of its kind in the neighbourhoods, the tournament has seen huge success in bringing people together and enforcing peace particularly in times like these when Burundi is going through a politic crisis since general elections.

Each soccer team normally comprises twenty five (25) young boy players under 18 years of age. This means that the 8 teams registered and that are competing all together comprise a total of two hundred (200) young boys fully involved in this NGD Cup 2015 Edition Tournament. That being said, about 200 families are directly being positively impacted by this cup.

NGD Cup runs on daily basis from Aug 9, 2015 at Magara Football Field. Locals appreciate much this tournament because it has given them a peaceful spot to spend evening moments as they interact with others from different social and political backgrounds, and cheer up for their sons, brothers, friends, and neighbours playing on the football field.

The Vice Coordinator, Mr. Peres NIBIGIRA, addressing the public before the beginning of the first match of 2015 Edition of NGD Cup.

From left to right: Laurent NDIKUMWENAYO, Secretary; Peres NIBIGIRA, Vice Coordinator; and Lameck NDIKUMUKIZA, Finance Officer.