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SFA Academy

Star Football Academy.
The Star Football Academy, “also known as: SFA, SFA Academy, SFA Burundi”, is a soccer training program of NGD Star Sports that runs 13 main training centres with teams at Junior and Senior levels for both ladies and men in Buterere, Kinama, Kamenge, GihoshaKanyosha GitazaRutunga, Tara, MagaraRutumo, MinagoKagongand Nyanza-Lac

We are a soccer academy that teaches kids, from 7 years old to 19 years, how to play Soccer and trains them to become professional players. This gives more hope to the youth, mainly from low-income families, to have a profession which they can rely on in the future if they prepare well and take seriously Soccer trainings of this beautiful game that they already love. 
The Staff of Star Football Academy:

1. President: Lameck NDIKUMUKIZA.


3. CDT: Christian KABERA.

4. CM Bujumbura: 

5. CM Rumonge: 

4. ES Mairie: Mulume Emmanuel NDAYIRUKIYE.

5. ES Rumonge: Jean Paul ISMAIL.

6. ES Makamba: Ferdinand CIZA.
Current Project: A project for a place for young girls and boys to train and become professionals in soccer:

- Project Title: Star Football Academy.
- Project's Short name: SFA Burundi.
- Annual Budget: $25,000 USD.
- Direct Beneficiary: 2,500+ young Boys and Girls.
- Location: Mairie de Bujumbura, Rumonge, and Makamba Provinces.
- Contact: C/O: Lameck NDIKUMUKIZA, Coordinator.

Academy by:
NGD Football Section
NGD Star Sports Department

C/O: NGD Foundation
BP: 3262, Bujumbura, Burundi.
4ème Avenue, RN3, Magara II, Zone Magara, 
Commune Bugarama, Rumonge, Burundi.

Tel. (SFA Office) number: (+257) 71 - 499 466.
Fax (SFA Office) number: (+257) 61 - 499 466.

In Burundi, like in any other Sub-Saharan African undeveloped country, unemployment here rate is too high. Thus, Soccer training is seen here as an alternative professional training. 

The Star Football Academy “SFA” is a division of a non-profit NGO, the NGD Foundation, founded by a Burundian Canadian, and is part of the foundation’s department of Sports. We are operational in 3 provinces of Burundi (namely: City of Bujumbura, Rumonge, and Makamba) and are serving in locations devastated by a 10-years civil war which left people in Burundi in high poverty and in need of social and humanitarian assistance. 

Under limited resources of the NGD Foundation and with a staff team of 21 dedicated volunteers, the Star Football Academy operates 13 Training Centres (of which 5 are in the City of Bujumbura, 7 in Rumonge and 1 in Makamba) where kids come to get soccer trainings and participate in social gatherings as well as Youth Empowerment events. With more than 400 new kids registering each year, we are serving 1,537 kids this year.

In the City of Bujumbura, kids train in Buterere Star FC, Kinama Star FC, Kamenge Star FC, Gihosha Star FC, and Kanyosha Star FC. In Rumonge Province, they get trainings in Gitaza Star FC, Rutunga Star FC, Tara Star FC, Magara Star FC, Rutumo Star FC, Minago Star FC, and Kagongo Star FC. As for Makamba Province, kids are trained in Nyanza-Lac Star FC.