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"Our many thanks to the  US Embassy in Bujumbura for their support in 2018 Soccer Season"

The Star Football Academy
The Star Football Academy, “also known as: SFA, SFA Academy, SFA Burundi”, is a soccer training program of NGD Star Sports that runs 12 main training centres with teams at Junior, and Senior levels for both ladies and men in Buterere, Kinama, Kamenge, Gihosha, Kanyosha GitazaRutunga, MagaraRutumo, MinagoKagongand Nyanza-Lac

The Academy trains young girls and boys from early age preparing them to become professional soccer players. It's a like a dream come true for kids to join a home team in locations where SFA  operates

With three training centres of very popular Clubs based in the Province of Rumonge and well known throughout the country, you can’t speak of Soccer in Rumonge as well as in most parts of Burundi without mentioning a Soccer Club belonging to the Star Football Academy. Youths trained in SFA Clubs have built themselves big names that other young girls and boys are joining the Academy on daily basis in a big number. Therefore, the SFA is the most reliable partner in the country when it comes to training young kids for a bright future in Professional Soccer. Within SFA Academy services to the youth, there are opportunities to empower young girls and boys to sharp their own destiny.
There are actually many ways of which you can be of support for SFA Academy to continue impacting hundreds of youths who are involved daily with the Academy's programs or benefit sporting activities provided by the NGD Foundation:

You can support by donating funds to the SFA Academy directly via Wire Transfer (contact us for details on how to send funds) or by online donation at this website or via websites of SFA member clubs.

- You can support by getting contacts of people or organisations who can help the SFA and link them with the Academy or a Club of your choice in the SFA for a potential partnership;

- You can support by sponsoring a game or starting a fans’ community in your location so as to follow up activities of SFA Clubs and encourage players from time to time; etc.

When you donate or support the SFA Clubs, your funds or assistance fully goes directly to the intended activity at 100% guaranteed. Detailed and verified reports will be produced upon request.

Current Project: A project for a place for young girls and boys to train and become professionals in soccer, running, and basketball:

- Project Title: NGD Foundation's Star Sports.
- Project's Short name: Star Sports Project.
- Needed Funds To Start: $ 9,000 USD.
- Direct Beneficiary: Per year, 600+ young Boys and Girls.
- Location: Magara, Bugarama, Rumonge Province.
- Contact: C/O: Lameck NDIKUMUKIZA, Coordinator.
                      BP: 3262, Bujumbura, Burundi.
Email the Coordinator of the department. 
Donate Today Online Any Amount As Per Your Calling.

About Kanyosha Star Football Club
The Kanyosha Star Football Club is a professional soccer club located in Kanyosha, District of Muha in the Capital City of Burundi. The soccer club was founded on Jan 29, 2018 after acquiring "Cargo FC", a team what was playing in Muha Commune Soccer Association's Cadet and Minim divisions. Now Kanyosha Star FC has 3 teams that respectively play in 3 divisions (3rd - Junior, 5th - Cadet, and 6th - Minim) of the same soccer association.

About Magara Star Football Club:

The Magara Star Football Club is a professional soccer club located in Magara Township of Bugarama District. The soccer club was founded on March 31, 2014. 

About Gitaza Star Football Club:

The Gitaza Star Football Club is a professional soccer club located in Gitaza, Muhuta District in South West of Burundi. The soccer club was founded on June 01, 2015. 

About Minago Star Football Club:

The Minago Star Football Club is a professional soccer club located in Minago, Rumonge District in Burundi. The soccer club was founded on October 30, 2015. 
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